A vibrant, competitive energy market is one where firms strive to outperform each other on price, quality and innovation – but what do energy customers value the most?

A growing body of research suggests that while customers’ top priority is lower bills, the major non-cost factor is personalised customer service. In a 2015 energy satisfaction survey conducted by consumer champion Which? the Big Six suppliers all ranked bottom of the table. Though smaller gas and electric companies gained higher levels of satisfaction, this wasn’t enough to pull the average overall satisfaction above 48% for Britain.


Nicholas Mitchell, Managing Director at customer experience company [24]7, found that “one of the top irritations for customers is ringing up a company for maybe the third or fourth time and the company not knowing who they are or what their query was about, despite their previous contact”.

Picture1Where we come in…

The team at MDG Group understand that there is much more to the energy procurement process than just securing the best price.

Individual customer service with transparency and integrity underpins everything we do. Our dedicated Account Managers provide a personalised service for your business; not only alleviating the hassle of dealing with troublesome energy companies, but ensuring your business’ interests are always at heart.

With energy saving regulations quickly approaching, businesses are at risk of financial penalties for non-compliance if they fail to take action now.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a new piece of EU legislation which requires large companies to introduce a mandatory programme of energy audits. By 26th January 2016 nearly 14,000 UK firms must complete their audit, though at last count only 150 companies had notified the Environment Agency that they were compliant – representing just 1% of affected firms who must take part.


How can we help?

MDG Group will not only ensure you have complied with the scheme (avoiding any financial penalties), but also make cost effective recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce your business expenditure – making the most from this legal obligation.

The cost of a full ESOS compliant audit is small in relation to the amount your company could save – with the UK Government predicting savings of £2bn to be achieved by the companies that qualify.

For more information feel free to give us a call on 01738 474630.

This week forms an important milestone for MDG as our direct giving impacts to date has breached the 5,000 mark.

c1Our giving impacts include the provision of 4,206 days of access to life-saving water, 304 days of medical support to people in need and 175 days of tree protection.

From our experience the level of positivity that accrues from linking our business with charitable giving is boundless – providing our team, and customers, a huge boost.

Our partnership with B1G1 helps blur the line between business and charity, making the delivery of aid where it is needed the most a simple endeavor.

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Business Star Awards

With this year’s Business Star Awards on the horizon, MDG Group is excited to announce we have been shortlisted for the “Excellence in Customer Service” Award.

Perth SA

Part of the process involves a short film and interview with the team to get a better idea of what we do and what drives us.

Though our dedicated account managers have visited many a premise to straighten out a mess, they are less used to having visitors – particularly ones with film cameras. Not ones to shy away from the spotlight however, MDG welcome the chance to stand out and secure the judges’ vote.

The countdown now begins to 20th November when the winner will be announced.

This year MDG Group are offering a scholarship to support students in achieving their personal goals and ambitions. Students planning to pursue a BA in Accountancy or Business Management at the University of the Highlands and Islands, Perth College, are eligible to apply.


Education, training and development are fundamental tenets at MDG, and we can think of no better way to stand by these principles than to reward hardworking, determined students in their endeavours.

Beyond financial support, MDG takes pride in offering additional training and work experience; doing our utmost to give students a unique opportunity to improve their career prospects.

MDG Group are a business cost consultancy that assists businesses in improving their profitability by helping them reduce their operating costs. We operate across Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, and Aberdeen, and specialise in the negotiation, management and procurement supply contracts for gas, electricity, water, telecoms and merchant services. At MDG Group our business cost consultants pride themselves on building excellent, long term relationships with customers – this is reflected in our customer retention rate of 95%, largely as a result of our unparalleled account management.

Established in 1998, MDG Group draws from many years of experience within business cost consultancy to provide friendly, efficient, and professional services. Obtaining exclusive rates for your business energy, water and telecoms contracts, MDG Group’s business cost consultants ensure significant savings. We set ourselves apart from brokers by levying our fee against a proportion of the savings we obtain; meaning you are cash positive from the outset. We also take care of all contract administration allowing you to focus on your core business tasks. With a dedicated account manager, optimum-value contract negotiation, and ongoing bill validation and dispute resolution, you can put your trust in MDG Group for your business cost consultancy needs.

Central to our ethos here at MDG Group is a commitment to continually monitor the market and analyse price fluctuations to cement our place as a premier business cost consultant service. Our team are always looking to safeguard our strong reputation; extending to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and beyond, MDG Group seek to quickly grow to provide a high standard business cost consultancy service throughout the UK. If you would like to find out more about MDG Group, please explore the website where you will find testimonials from many of our delighted customers.  A member of our team is only a call away so please do not hesitate to contact us directly; we think you will be surprised at the level of savings you could achieve using our business cost consulting services.

Delivering significant savings since 1998, MDG Group’s experienced business cost consultants have been providing a high standard service across Scotland and the rest of the UK for years. MDG Group have been using its expertise to ensure clients benefit from maximised savings; delivering procurement solutions for business’ energy, water and telecoms contracts. Though based in Scotland, MDG Group’s business cost consultancy service extends throughout the UK, often bringing a fresh perspective and supplier base to new clients.

At MDG Group our team of friendly business cost consultants endeavour to not only attain superior utilities tariffs but provide premier customer service in a notoriously unregulated field. What we bring to the table is transparency and integrity, something we believe sets us apart from brokers and other business cost consultancies. Our expertise also allows us to recommend and implement measures to reduce energy and water consumption to further reduce business expenditure. Cost reduction and excellent customer service form the crux of what we do, putting MDG Group firmly within the high standard procurement tradition growing in Scotland.

By taking care of all administration related to the procurement process and providing full business cost consultant services, MDG Group have built a firm reputation for quality in Scotland. With recent price rises in the utility markets, more and more businesses are taking advantage of our free, no obligation review of their supply contracts. If you are looking for highly experienced business cost consultants, whether you are based in Scotland or elsewhere in the UK, why not give MDG Group a call – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the savings you could accrue.