Avoid Peak Time Energy Costs

MDG is dedicated to helping businesses save money via their utility suppliers. Our priority is establishing effective cost reduction strategies and providing full contract management services, taking care of all administration related to the procurement process – leaving you to focus on your core business tasks.

One of the ways we can do this for our clients is to investigate whether Demand Response may be a suitable solution.

What is Demand Response?

The National Grid must maintain a certain level of energy production above average demand. This margin, known as ‘headroom’ exists to cope with unexpected peaks in demand, or any power plant failure.

If energy use peaks, the margin must still be maintained, and so the capacity for extra power generation needs to increase in response. Keeping all available power stations fired up ‘just in case’ this capacity is needed, costs more and produces increased levels of CO2 with power stations running at less than 100%.

Demand Response is an opportunity for businesses to play a significant role in the operation of the electric grid.

What are the benefits?

By reducing or shifting electricity usage during peak periods, businesses can avoid higher energy prices. If you can generate your own power or there is flexibility in your site’s electricity generation or consumption you can also create additional revenue through Demand Response, enabling the grid to draw from your extra power when required, without impacting on your business.

Creating a network of UK businesses that can be called upon to switch on smaller capacity generation when needed, rather than run power stations at part capacity, benefits the environment and could negate the need for new fossil-fuel fired power stations.

Is it suitable for my business?

There are a huge variety of Demand Response options available which, if chosen correctly, can create significant revenue streams for your business while having minimal impact operationally. For greatest results, demand response should be considered alongside your existing energy efficiency initiatives.

Any business with a large electricity load and good control systems should consider Demand Response. Ideal candidates are businesses with a cold store or a swimming pool or a large generator.

MDG can provide the necessary expertise in choosing, planning and implementing the best solution for your business.