Avoid Peak Time Energy Costs

MDG is dedicated to helping businesses save money via their utility suppliers. Our priority is establishing effective cost reduction strategies and providing full contract management services, taking care of all administration related to the procurement process – leaving you to focus on your core business tasks.

One of the ways we can do this for our clients is to investigate whether Demand Response may be a suitable solution.

What is Demand Response?

The National Grid must maintain a certain level of energy production above average demand. This margin, known as ‘headroom’ exists to cope with unexpected peaks in demand, or any power plant failure.

If energy use peaks, the margin must still be maintained, and so the capacity for extra power generation needs to increase in response. Keeping all available power stations fired up ‘just in case’ this capacity is needed, costs more and produces increased levels of CO2 with power stations running at less than 100%.

Demand Response is an opportunity for businesses to play a significant role in the operation of the electric grid.

What are the benefits?

By reducing or shifting electricity usage during peak periods, businesses can avoid higher energy prices. If you can generate your own power or there is flexibility in your site’s electricity generation or consumption you can also create additional revenue through Demand Response, enabling the grid to draw from your extra power when required, without impacting on your business.

Creating a network of UK businesses that can be called upon to switch on smaller capacity generation when needed, rather than run power stations at part capacity, benefits the environment and could negate the need for new fossil-fuel fired power stations.

Is it suitable for my business?

There are a huge variety of Demand Response options available which, if chosen correctly, can create significant revenue streams for your business while having minimal impact operationally. For greatest results, demand response should be considered alongside your existing energy efficiency initiatives.

Any business with a large electricity load and good control systems should consider Demand Response. Ideal candidates are businesses with a cold store or a swimming pool or a large generator.

MDG can provide the necessary expertise in choosing, planning and implementing the best solution for your business.


New Perth City Centre Office

MDG Group, one of Scotland’s leading business cost consultancies, has taken on new premises in Perth’s city centre as part of the company’s planned expansion.

The new premises saw MDG Group’s team of ten staff take up residence in a new city centre office located on Tay Street in Perth, boosting the firm’s profile as a growing Perth business.

Last month saw the appointment of Annette Welch as a Director of both MDG Group and its sister company MDG Telecoms and has recently been nominated for a Perthshire Chamber of Commerce Business Star Award for Most Promising New Business.

Douglas Reid, Managing Director at MDG Group, said:

“Our new office premises are perfect for us, allowing us to expand as well as giving out team a convenient city centre base to work from with excellent public transport links. This is a new stage in MDG’s growth and development as a business and we are delighted to be making Perth city centre our base for future expansion.”

MDG Group specialises in business cost and energy consultancy, obtaining exclusive rates for business energy, water and telecoms contracts – in some cases saving their customers tens of thousands of pounds every year. Established in 1998, they offer businesses a free, no obligation review of their supply contracts and their only income is from commissions earned from savings their customers make. Put simply, their growth is driven solely by their ability to save hundreds of businesses thousands of pounds every year.

For more information on MDG Group visit www.mdggroup.co.uk

MDG Group, one of Scotland’s leading business cost consultancies, has appointed Annette Welch as a Director of the firm ahead of a planned expansion to new offices in the city next month.

Annette, who joined the company in 2013 in a business development role, has been instrumental in driving the growth of the firm from just five people in 2013 to a team of ten in 2016. Later this year the business is set to imminently move to new premises within Perth and has further plans to expand in 2017.

Prior to joining MDG in 2013, Annette enjoyed a career in pharmaceutical sales and, latterly, the energy industry. Originally from Northern Ireland, Annette has been settled in Scotland since she first came to study at Dundee University in the late 1980s.

Douglas Reid, Managing Director at MDG Group, said:

“I’m delighted to welcome Annette to the board of directors of the company as we enter an exciting new phase in our growth. She brings with her an exceptional heritage of corporate experience as well as a passion for working with MDG Group’s customers to help them improve their bottom lines. Her commitment to customer satisfaction was instrumental in helping achieve the Perthshire Chamber of Commerce Award for Customer Service last year and I am looking forward to working with her to take MDG Group forward and extend our reach to businesses across Scotland.”

Based in Perth, MDG Group specialises in business cost and energy consultancy, obtaining exclusive rates for business energy, water and telecoms contracts – in some cases saving their customers tens of thousands of pounds every year.

Established in 1998, they offer businesses a free, no obligation review of their supply contracts and their only income is from commissions earned from savings their customers make. Put simply, their growth is driven solely by their ability to save hundreds of businesses thousands of pounds every year.

Annette commented:

“MDG Group are a business that has its clients’ interests truly at the heart of what they do and that’s something I love about working with the company. Over the years we have saved business customers thousands of pounds on the electricity, gas, telecoms and broadband. These can be things that are often brushed aside in business, but they can make a tangible difference to the bottom line, in some cases even saving a company from eventual ruin. That’s a worthy line of work to be in. I’m looking forward to working with Douglas and the team to continue to build MDG Group across Scotland.”


For more information on MDG Group visit www.mdggroup.co.uk

MDG Group, one of Scotland’s leading business cost consultancies, has been accredited by the Living Wage Foundation, in partnership with the Poverty Alliance, as a Living Wage employer.

The Living Wage commitment will see everyone working at MDG Group, regardless of whether they are permanent employees or third-party contractors and suppliers, receive a minimum hourly wage of £8.25 – significantly higher than the Government’s national living wage rate of £7.20 which came into effect in April 2016.

The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually. The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living using the ‘Minimum Income Standard’ for the UK. Decisions about what to include in this standard are set by the public; it is a social consensus about what people need to make ends meet.

Douglas Reid, Managing Director at MDG Group, said:

“Looking after your employees is as important as looking after your customers. We would not have a successful business without a team who enjoy coming to work and are able to meet the costs of living on a daily basis. We are passionate about generating cost savings for our clients and we completely understand the need for businesses to look after the bottom line, but that shouldn’t be at the expense of the people who matter most – your employees. It is reassuring to us to know that our team can just enjoy what they do without the stresses that can come with worrying about making ends meet.

“We are proud to show our support to The Living Wage Foundation by becoming a Living Wage employer.”

Peter Kelly, Director of the Poverty Alliance said:

“Congratulations to MDG Group on becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer. They have shown fantastic leadership in becoming the latest Living Wage Employer in Perthshire.

“It takes courage and foresight for a business to commit voluntarily to pay the Living Wage. We expect Living Wage Employers to reap the rewards of being seen to be fair dealing.”

For more information on MDG Group visit www.mdggroup.co.uk

For further information about becoming Living Wage accredited visit www.livingwage.org.uk

Christie Duff (21), a modern apprentice who works at Perth based MDG Group, has placed second in a nationwide contest run by computing giant Microsoft.Christie Runner up

The Microsoft Modern Apprentice of the Year attracted over 1000 entries with fierce competition to make it to the shortlist of just nine candidates from across Scotland. For the former Bell Baxter High School student, however, her 18 months’ tenure at MDG Group in Perth had stood her in good stead and she placed runner up in her award category of Business Support.

The Microsoft Modern Apprentice of the Year Awards recognise the importance of Modern Apprenticeships to Scotland’s economy. Each year over 25,000 people start a modern apprenticeship combining academic qualifications with on the job training. It is estimated by Skills Development Scotland that 92% of modern apprentices are still in full time work 6 months after completing their apprenticeship.

Christie’s route to Modern Apprentice started when she completed an SVQ Level 3 in Business Administration at Perth College and joined MDG under the watchful eyes of YouTrain, a Scottish based provider of training and apprenticeship solutions. Now, having worked at MDG Group for 18 months and completed her apprenticeship, Christie has already been promoted to the role of Account Manager within the business and is continuing her career progression working for one of Scotland’s leading business cost consultancies.

Managing Director of MDG Group, Douglas Reid, said:

“Christie was our first ever Modern Apprentice and she has really impressed us all with her energy and talent. She has made a real contribution to our business and we were not surprised she made the shortlist. We’re delighted she’s staying with us and we will continue to develop her talent as the company grows.”

For more information on MDG Group visit www.mdggroup.co.uk


Paying Too Much For Business Energy?

At present small businesses are collectively paying around £500 million more than they should for their energy. 

In provisional findings by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the average prices offered by the “big six” companies were around 14% above the “competitive level” for SMEs.


The CMA said it had “identified a combination of features of the markets for the retail supply of gas and electricity to SMEs in Great Britain that give rise to an adverse effect on competition through an overarching feature of weak customer response from microbusinesses”.

The competition watchdog said this gave “suppliers a position of unilateral market power concerning their inactive microbusiness customer base which they are able to exploit through their pricing policies”.

Getting The Most From Energy Companies

Taking full advantage of competition in the market is crucial – the CMA estimate average potential gains from simply switching supplier to be 14% of the average bill. To optimise cost saving benefits, however, consumers face some hurdles. As highlighted by Roger Witcomb, Chairman of the energy market investigation; “the confusing way energy is measured and billed can make comparing deals understandably daunting”.

The importance of ongoing contract management should also not be understated. Number of recorded complaints to the big six energy firms increased fivefold between 2008 and 2013, with the majority of complaints relating to billing, customer services and payments.

At MDG Group taking this hassle off our customers’ hands is our bread and butter.  We provide a personal account manager to not only help you gain savings, but also deliver the peace of mind that comes with getting the most out of your business energy.

Customer ServiceIn the illustrious setting of Crieff Hydro, as the Perthshire Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner drew closer to the awards ceremony, the MDG team did their best (though failed…) to contain their excitement.

This year the Excellence in Customer Service Award went to MDG Group.

Customer Winner MDG (002)

We are hugely grateful to our wonderful customers for all their support, and immensely proud of receiving such a prized accolade. We’ll make sure we continue to provide the high standard of service our customers have come to expect from us.

Big thank you to all those involved in making this an experience to remember.


A vibrant, competitive energy market is one where firms strive to outperform each other on price, quality and innovation – but what do energy customers value the most?

A growing body of research suggests that while customers’ top priority is lower bills, the major non-cost factor is personalised customer service. In a 2015 energy satisfaction survey conducted by consumer champion Which? the Big Six suppliers all ranked bottom of the table. Though smaller gas and electric companies gained higher levels of satisfaction, this wasn’t enough to pull the average overall satisfaction above 48% for Britain.


Nicholas Mitchell, Managing Director at customer experience company [24]7, found that “one of the top irritations for customers is ringing up a company for maybe the third or fourth time and the company not knowing who they are or what their query was about, despite their previous contact”.

Picture1Where we come in…

The team at MDG Group understand that there is much more to the energy procurement process than just securing the best price.

Individual customer service with transparency and integrity underpins everything we do. Our dedicated Account Managers provide a personalised service for your business; not only alleviating the hassle of dealing with troublesome energy companies, but ensuring your business’ interests are always at heart.

With energy saving regulations quickly approaching, businesses are at risk of financial penalties for non-compliance if they fail to take action now.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a new piece of EU legislation which requires large companies to introduce a mandatory programme of energy audits. By 26th January 2016 nearly 14,000 UK firms must complete their audit, though at last count only 150 companies had notified the Environment Agency that they were compliant – representing just 1% of affected firms who must take part.


How can we help?

MDG Group will not only ensure you have complied with the scheme (avoiding any financial penalties), but also make cost effective recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce your business expenditure – making the most from this legal obligation.

The cost of a full ESOS compliant audit is small in relation to the amount your company could save – with the UK Government predicting savings of £2bn to be achieved by the companies that qualify.

For more information feel free to give us a call on 01738 474630.

This week forms an important milestone for MDG as our direct giving impacts to date has breached the 5,000 mark.

c1Our giving impacts include the provision of 4,206 days of access to life-saving water, 304 days of medical support to people in need and 175 days of tree protection.

From our experience the level of positivity that accrues from linking our business with charitable giving is boundless – providing our team, and customers, a huge boost.

Our partnership with B1G1 helps blur the line between business and charity, making the delivery of aid where it is needed the most a simple endeavor.

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