Poor Customer Service Fuels Energy Company Competition

A vibrant, competitive energy market is one where firms strive to outperform each other on price, quality and innovation – but what do energy customers value the most?

A growing body of research suggests that while customers’ top priority is lower bills, the major non-cost factor is personalised customer service. In a 2015 energy satisfaction survey conducted by consumer champion Which? the Big Six suppliers all ranked bottom of the table. Though smaller gas and electric companies gained higher levels of satisfaction, this wasn’t enough to pull the average overall satisfaction above 48% for Britain.


Nicholas Mitchell, Managing Director at customer experience company [24]7, found that “one of the top irritations for customers is ringing up a company for maybe the third or fourth time and the company not knowing who they are or what their query was about, despite their previous contact”.

Picture1Where we come in…

The team at MDG Group understand that there is much more to the energy procurement process than just securing the best price.

Individual customer service with transparency and integrity underpins everything we do. Our dedicated Account Managers provide a personalised service for your business; not only alleviating the hassle of dealing with troublesome energy companies, but ensuring your business’ interests are always at heart.

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