Cost Management with the Shift to Half Hourly Supplies


With a regulatory shift on its way, the demand for sound cost management has never been greater. For businesses in Scotland and the rest of the UK, energy cost consultancies are leading the way in ensuring costs are minimised. MDG Group’s dedicated cost consultants are on the case, with a finger firmly on the pulse.




Due to a regulatory change mandated by Ofgem, all maximum demand supplies (5-8 profile classes) are required to be upgraded to Half Hourly supplies by early 2017, bringing a number of consequences.

The upgrade to half-hourly will mean increased fixed costs and a more complex renewal process. Businesses affected by these changes will also have to source a MOP agreement in order for the supply to be upgraded. This could be troublesome and lead to customer’s paying excessively.

Not to worry – here at MDG we will continue to use our utility procurement expertise to source our customers the best prices on the market despite the industry change.

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