Common pitfalls to avoid


The Renewal Process

The biggest obstacle facing businesses with regards to their energy portfolio is the renewal process. Each energy supplier will notify you of a Termination Date, whereby you can terminate your current contract in order to try and access lower prices from other suppliers. If you do not terminate your supply within this window of opportunity, you will automatically be rolled into renewal rates, some of which can be a 120% increase on your current rates. Assuming you have budgeted a certain amount per year for your energy contracts, missing a termination date can have significant consequences to your accounts.

Energy consultants like MDG Energy manage the renewal process from start to finish, taking away the stress of this time consuming procedure, ensuring that you receive the best prices available for your business. One of our clients expressed that her favourite part of having an energy consultant was that she did not have to phone energy suppliers, ever! Instead of waiting in a queue on hold, we deal with all communications with the supply company so that you don’t have to.

Billing Errors

Often is the case that incorrect rates have been applied to the new contracts when the supply is transferred. This could mean that you are being over charged, and are therefore due a rebate. We monitor all invoices from our clients and check that there are no discrepancies. In the case that there has been an error, again, you do not need to stress. We will take the lead in settling the dispute with the energy supplier on your behalf, saving you time and hassle and leaving you to manage other important aspects of the business.

Transfer Problems

It is important to check that the supply has gone live with your new supplier. If for whatever reason it hasn’t, you will be charged out of contracts rates which are incredibly expensive. The sooner an issue is picked up, the sooner it can be rectified.

We check that a supply is on course to transfer two weeks before the transfer date, in order to establish if there are any obstacles such as credit checks, or administrative faults on the supplier’s part. We have detected problems and have had enough time to rectify these ensuring that our clients are not charged out of contract rates. Failing to do so would result in high costs as well as high stress. Leaving it to experienced consultants ensures neither of these situations arise.

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